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Has anyone been using Facebooks PPC with any success? I here its much cheaper than Google but does it really target your niche? I suppose it would work great for those that want to advertise their social networking sites.

Any feedback on this?
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    I was curious about this my self , i know when they started this a couple months ago they were offering 50$ free advertising campaign , i missed out on that and havent really heard anything on this subject.
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    I've used it before and found that the traffic they send me didn't convert well. Most of the visitors stayed on my site for 0 seconds. I wasn't mad about it though because I had a $100 credit. It might still be available when you add the Visa business network application.
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    Thanks guys, I didn't think it would be worth it to begin with. As guys on Facebook are not really looking to buy anything.
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      I've still got my pending $50 they let use and I just need better demographics data before I'll give it a go. I've got some ideas. I wonder if anyone else has used this too.
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    That's right, BUT...
    If I remember correctly, you have the option to specify your audience quite a lot. Like interests, age etc...

    I tried it a long time ago without success, all I noticed was that you'll get a ctr of next-to-none if you don't use images.
    And I must admit I HAVE seen attractive offers that's been around for quite a while.

    So obviously someone make it work well. It really depends on your approach. It might be a good idea for a WSO? Although I think I have seen facebook marketing e-books somewhere.

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