By definition..What is a JV?

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As I read many of the post in different threads, I can't help but notice just how many people do not know what a JV is. So, I thought I'd ask the question for all to see and gain better understanding from my fellow WF friends.

Your welcome in advance.. T.C.
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    IMO a JV is a mutually beneficial partnership where 2 parties come together and Party #2 offers something Party #1 needs and does not have additionally Party #1 can offer something to Party #2 that they don't have. For instance Party #1 has a great product but they do not have a list to market it to. So they partner with Party #2 who has a list. Party #2 agrees to market the product to his list in exchange for a % of the sales.
    There are many other examples of JV's but this is the example that I have been involved in.

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      An IM Joint Venture is usually a group of marketers, joining together, each offering a product or service for free as incentive to...

      A: Increase the signup's and size of each partners list, and

      B: Promote products and services to each others lists.

      This is a most basic description.

      There are many variations of this formula.

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    Strictly speaking a Joint Venture is everything mentioned in the above posts.

    Speaking from a legal standpoint it has an entirely different meaning.

    A joint venture (often abbreviated JV) is an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together.

    The parties agree to create a new entity by both contributing equity, and they then share in the revenues, expenses, and control of the enterprise.

    The venture can be for one specific project only, or a continuing business relationship such as the Sony Ericsson joint venture.

    This is in contrast to a strategic alliance, which involves no equity stake by the participants, and is a much less rigid arrangement.

    The phrase generally refers to the purpose of the entity and not to a type of entity.

    Therefore, a joint venture may be a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or other legal structure, depending on a number of considerations such as tax and tort liability. source From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,
    What is most commonly refereed to as a JV in Internet Marketing is really more of an alliance.

    A Joint venture is very difficult to sustain, since being human, we tend to all have a different outlook on what may or may not be profitable.

    It is interesting to consider the ramifications, of how a Joint Venture ( a legal one )

    Could under the right circumstances, produce some surprising results as well as tax benefits.

    A few years ago I was part of a strategic alliance that produced obscene profitability.

    I just put the two CEOs together at the same table and let nature take its course.

    The result was nothing short of Amazing, new products Jointly manufactured by the two different companies, A product line that enhanced the recording abilities of music professionals all over the world.

    Hard ware and software, working together to create a new product that benefited both parties.

    That is what you want in a JV.

    Just a few pence,

    Have a great Day.

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