What Exactly Does Net 15 mean?

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When an affiliate network says they pay Net 15, what exactly does this mean? How often do they pay?
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    15 days after <strike>monthly</strike> sales period ends.


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    That means they pay twice a month.
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    Need more Details but..

    If the "Gross" total sale is $100 or whatever ...
    Then the "Net" profit to you is always $15

    They may be changing the price and giving discounts
    and still promising the Net $15 to affiliates even though
    they change the price.

    The best I can do with no more information.
    Hope this helps.
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      In the offline world is an accounting term that means you have 15 days to pay the invoice amount.

      So I think that they will pay within 15 days :confused:
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  • Let's be clear: Net 15 doesn't mean $15 and it doesn't mean they pay twice a month. Unless the person stating it doesn't understand what they're saying, "Net 15" means you will receive your NET revenue within 15 days after the applicable payment period closes. That could be monthly, quarterly, annually, when you reach a certain dollar amount, whatever.

    So if someone says you will be paid for your monthly says net 15, you can expect to receive your payment within 15 days after the close of the month.

    As Croque states, in the real world I submit invoices to any of my commercial customers and advise them that the invoices are due "Net 30". That means they have to pay within 30 days or they'll face a late charge or penalty.
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