Can't access Wordpress admin - any ideas?? FIXED

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An odd thing seems to be happening to one of my Wordpress sites. When I type in, instead of taking me to my log-in box it is taking me to my site and returning a not found error.

This is the site here. Could someone else take a look for me and see if they get the same error?

I've looked at the site with my ftp software and can't see any changes. The site is displaying ok.

Any ideas what's gone wrong??

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    Rosetrees did you change any of your folder/directories? I mean did you move some things on your server? Also is the address actually mysite dot com or is the mysite a standin for your page name. I'm sure its not but I thought I would ask
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    Checked your website right now. Something must be wrong with your admin directory on the server. Maybe permission has changed or something. The best option is to contact your hosting support and ask them.

    By the way, have you installed this blog from cpanel or regular installation?

    Mike G
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    Maybe these will help I just searched google.

    www dot
    www dot

    Not sure If these will help but its all I can offer. Good luck
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