Sundays and Weekends ughhh

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I don't really like when things are closed and everyone has off. Its Sunday and my friends and family are not on IM. There is not much activity on my sites. Most of the stores I like are closed. They gym is closed as well or I would exercise and get a steam.

Of course I do understand the need for time off. I love time off myself, but hate it when things are closed and slow when I have time off. At nighttime I'm thankful for the few stores that are open 24/7.

I guess I'm strange. The nice thing is that if I outsource things around the world, I know that someone is working on it while I sleep. I like that feeling.

Why did I start this thread? Well ,, everything is closed and I am bored.
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    Sunday's are usually pretty slow for me too, although today I still raked in $200.

    As for the brick & mortar businesses, I never understood why so many close on the one or two days of the week that the most people are available to buy your stuff... Go figure.
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      I know what you guys mean. We all need a break but some brick and motor places are losing out on big money by not being open (or staying open long enough) on Sundays.

      2 of my favorite stores and 3 places I love to eat are either closed today or close shop before 5.
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    You should move out here to L.A.
    Almost everything out here is starting to be open 24 hours a day.
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    I remember those days of working around the clock.

    Nowadays, my computer shuts down at 5PM on Friday and isn't cranked up
    until Monday morning. I used to "just" check email on Saturday and found I
    suffered from the Potato Chip Syndrome ("bet you can't read just one!), and
    the day would be shot before I knew it! It's just easier for me not to even
    turn it on.

    Friday was my 27th anniversary so went out with friends to celebrate.
    Saturday I was at the UCF/USF game...awesome game!...and hung out with
    friends till 2:30 am.

    Sunday after church did the "housewife" stuff...laundry, ironing, etc.

    Living in Orlando, there's usuallly someplace open to eat, drink, shop or be
    entertained almost any hour of the day! So, I try to spend as much time
    building a life as I do building a business!

    Debbi Bressler

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