[Testimonials] Can Anything Be Done?!

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Hi all!...

This isn't bugging me, but it is! Now so that I comply with forum rules, I'll keep any names out of it. (And I'd appreciate it if you could too!)

Now to cut what could turn into a long story short, it's to do with a script that I provided a testimonial for a while back. (I know a few other warriors did the same, and I don't know how they feel about it!)

I was pretty new to the internet marketing scene at that point I believe, but now I keep seeing my name and testimonial cropping up all over the place. At the time, the script seemed to be fine, but now I believe the owner has almost done a runner. (At least thats what it read like when a few other threads cropped up talking about this guy!)

1. Should I forget about this and just move on?!
2. Try and contact all these people, and ask if they could remove the testimonial?!

Am I right in thinking that they should have asked my permission to show the testimonial on more than the one website? Cause if I remember rightly, there was some relseere licenses sold and they took the salespage as their 'own' with the testimonails that were provided.

I look forward to your input guys and gals!

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    Hi Mark,

    if it is who I think it is and it was for a membership script, I think you'll be banging your head off a brick wall. I asked the person to remove my testimonial (which I provided as a beta-tester) as the person did a runner with some money I paid for a custom script.

    [edit]I just found the person's site, and it IS who I think it is... I can see your TM.

    Kindest regards,
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      Originally Posted by KarlWarren View Post

      I think you'll be banging your head off a brick wall.
      I did ask for some honest advice Karl, so thanks!

      (And yes, you would be right about a membership script! - We'll leave it at that though! LOL)


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