Time Traveling Refunder...

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I got a refund request tonight via email that said "Just bought, no good, plz refund".

Now to me, that is stereotypical "insta-refunder" I would bet money that this person had just ordered.

I searched through my orders and found nothing under this person's email address...a few minutes later I came back and did another search and found them this time. It had just appeared.

The refund request was made at 7:23 and the order was placed at 7:42. Either this person requested a refund BEFORE they even ordered (a new depth of scumbaggery) or they can travel through time!

I was tempted to reply "Your refund has been issued. Please share your secrets of time travel with me!" but alas, I restrained myself.

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    He could also be a time travelling speed reader.

    I for one would pay to buy an ebook on his secrets...then go back in time and ask for a refund!

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      Wow that's crazy. Probably a "career refunder". These folks even have copy and paste support desk emails.

      I remember seeing the EXACT same message for two different products, and I have a friend who also got the EXACT same refund request from the same person. Clearly she had a system in place where she bought, waited 24 hours, and then sent her standard refund request template into the support desk.

      The second time I ignored her for a couple of days to see if I could get her to send another ticket and she sent - you guessed it - the same EXACT template again.

      I saw another Warrior a few minutes ago in another psot say he thinks these folks are all "going to hell". That was hilarious and possibly close to the mark!

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