Income System you can just walk away from... autopilot

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Someone I know here walked away from his internet business for 7 months, took a vacation and still made 300 bucks a day.

After years of slugging it out at their crappy jobs for years, every noob here wants and needs that asap, a six month vacation, well at least I speak for myself for all you workaholics out there.

Basically, I'll say two ways I know of setting a business up online that will do just that.

-Building blogs and websites that covert clickbank, CPA and refferal, etc, that get search traffic, social networking traffic and other what else have you, such as software creation and submissions

-creating your own product in a sustainable market and get a lot of affiliates.

As always, it's never simple, pure action, thats simple right!

But if you're willing to tell, what's your say on long term autopilot ideas for noobs
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    I think the methods you mention will work just fine.

    But being realistic to have a business you can walk away from you're going to need some kind of staff support (even if it's outsourced).

    Ultimately you'll need someone to handle your help desk and check to make sure things are still running smoothly while you're sipping pina coladas on a beach somewhere for 6 months.

    I also think you're far more likely to have a business that keeps expanding fast if you look for a slightly more realistic vacation period....say one month off in every 3.

    That gives you a chance to come back and pump your business hard, stay connected to your niche markets and stay innovative.

    The only enduring business is the business of change and you should never expect that any business will grow indefinitely without some kind of intelligent input to keep it growing.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      For me there re these two streams that you have just talked about. but eve more important is PPC.... which you can basically set and forget... especially in non IM niches.

      IMO.. nothing is on autopilot just with the power of internet, somebody has to be working on it. Whether it is people that you hire or outsource the tasks to, or it is the affiliates and JV partners that you might recruit... someone has got to do the work.

      Key to automation is to create deals that are lucrative enough for these people to think about maximizing sales and hence massively building up your profits while you sleep away to glory.

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