What to do when company won't pay affiliate?

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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to solve this.

I have two payments more than a month overdue with a company that's paid regularly over the last several years. For the previous payment I waited several months and they only paid when I wrote and complained. Thinking it was a glitch, I continued to promote the product. Now I've again waited more than a month, I've written three times very politely asking what the problem is, and have not received any answers.

Needless to say, I could really use the money right now.

Honestly, I suspect it's a one-person company that's failing and the owner has simply decided not to pay affiliates in order to decrease costs. In any case, even if they do pay I'll certainly never promote their product again.

Any ideas?
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    Name names. Expose them for being a fraud on all
    the affiliate marketing forums. File complaints with
    the BetterBusinessBureau and their state Attorney
    General's office (if in the U.S.) and move on. Get
    busy making more money with a reputable firm.

    BTW, I'm sorry this happened to you
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      Investigate other suppliers or create the product yourself is possible. If one of my pipelines gets threatened I find a replacement.

      This happened to me about one year ago so I set up a 'backup' and the backup has produced a four figure a month profit stream ever since. The original one cam good and now I have both. Sometimes these things happen to make you look around and see what other opportunities exist.

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