What am I doing wrong with Craiglist???

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I've been reading threads on this site (what little there was) and the old site but still not sure what I'm doing wrong with Craiglist.

First of, I have to say I'm not spamming. My website sells a physical product and I'm trying to list that product on Craiglist.

What I've done so far is list ads in the classified section and have a standard description and a link to my website there the actual product can be bought. I posted one ad that was listed. Posted another ad in a different city with a different title that was also listed. Checked the ads the next day and they had been removed.

I don't see how I'm breaking the TOS so can some one please tell me what I'm doing wrong and offer suggestions on how use craiglist successfully. Thanks
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    could be a number of things. are you actually seeing the ad once its placed? and then is it being flagged as "spam" or inappropriate?

    here's a few options that it could be:
    1. community might not see your ad as relevant to the section it's posted
    2. community might not like your ad
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      Craigslist is a tough nut to crack. The only times I've been successful, (with multiple posts) is to change my IP regularly and use multiple accounts. Making certain that I change IPs, BEFORE I sign on with a new account.

      Once you learn it (and there are masters of CL) it's a beeeutiful thing. Kind of like adwords, but for free.

      Keep at it.
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    Craigslist seems to be hard on linked page ads. I can't find the reference now but here is the FAQ page craigslist | help > flags and community moderation

    I have had limited success with ads on Craigslist. If people there think you are spamming or if they think you are in the wrong category they flag you faster than a crooked ref in a fixed Las Vegas football game.
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      What are you doing wrong with Craigslist?

      You're using it.

      The service was never meant to be used the way Internet marketers use it
      and that's why only a handful are successful with it.

      One day, Craigslist is going to crack down on everybody who is using it
      for the wrong reasons and we'll finally see the end of these "how to use
      Craigslist" guides.
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    Please don't spam CraigsList! It's a good resource.
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      To play Craigslist is fun... but to play by the rules and get a lot of traffic is even better...

      Try this and tell me how it goes. It worked for me... but you know, things change.

      look for the best keywords for the product you want to promote

      go to google insights and make a top 10 of the locations with search to your keyword.

      go to N1 and post your add with the keyword in the title. Use the city somehow and make sure you talk to the people of the city in a personal way. There is a reason why they look for that product: find it.

      post to each other of the cities with a 5 days period between each other. Change title and description accordingly.

      Go, make money and find a cute girl to celebrate...


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