How much is the Warrior Forum worth?

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Here's the results from Website value calculator and web information Estimated Worth $383782.9 USD
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Estimated Data
Net Worth : $383782.9 Last updated 52 Days ago

Daily Pageview : 174575
Daily Ads Revenue : $525.73

Traffic Rank : 6301
PageRank : 4 Other

Backlinks : 47277
Dmoz Listing : No
Dmoz Title : NA
Dmoz Description : NA
Dmoz Category : NA

Very interesting!
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  • Profile picture of the author Jose Delgado
    That amount is probably what the forum generates in 3 months from all the WSO and Classified Ads!
  • Profile picture of the author Mark McCullough
    I think that's slightly off. Waaay low.

    I wouldn't go by that.
    • Profile picture of the author Leigh Burke
      I thought it was on the lower side too, but just the daily page view and traffic rank are just as interesting!
    • Profile picture of the author internetmarketer99
      'Generic' metrics like that are essentially meaningless for an authority site.

      With it's authority standing and access to such a key core cross-section of the IM world, it would be a top 'dream' property for the right person or group, and easily worth $1 million or more.


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