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I have been with hostgator for two years now. I have a reseller
account which contains my own sites and those owned by a few

At the weekend I notivced my sites were down and checked my
inbox. Sure enough, there was an email from Hostgator to tell me
my main domain name was coming up for renewal - next month.

The first email with a simultaneous suspension of my sites did not
impress me.

Sure enough I paid and complained and the sites were live again.

Today I check my sites and they are down again and, guess what,
the first invoice for this month is in my inbox.

So is Hostgator having financial difficulties? Is this a new policy
of suspend first ask questions later? I'm really not impressed -
especially since if I am paying monthly I need an invoice before I

As I said earlier, I have been a customer for two years now and
I have paid regularly. Has anyone else experienced this? It's totally
new to me and I cannot understand it nor can I seem to get an

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    Have you checked your Modern bill to see if they are in there and that your credit card is up to date. Quite often people forget to update their expiury date.

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      Hi Quentin,

      I don't have my account on auto-pay. I prefer to wait and
      receive an invoice then respond to that. It's been ok up til now.
      I have checked my billing and everything is paid up to date.

      Perhaps that is the way ahead - but I see no good reason why
      sites should be suspended prior to non-payment.

      Thanks fro your suggestion.
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      I had a problem with Hostgator last month when my account was suspended. I checked the billing and my account was clear. I called live chat and was told that following an audit they had discovered that they had forgotten to bill me for June and someone from the accounts department was creating an invoice on my account now.

      I asked why they couldn't have sent me a polite email asking me to pay rather than suspending my account. This was not my fault as I could not pay an invoice that was not even on the account.

      The chat operator was very rude, refused to acknowledge that it was hostgators fault and not mine, then terminated the live chat whilst I was typing a reply.

      I concluded that hostgator have problems with both their billing systems and with their staff training or supervision.

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    Hostgator is a good hosting company. Read the fine print, maybe they're just following their own guidelines.
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      Originally Posted by Napa View Post

      Hostgator is a good hosting company. Read the fine print, maybe they're just following their own guidelines.
      No they're not, they are utter crap, (and I speak from experience). For a start, what reputable hosting company would disable someones sites within hours of their bill not beng paid. (why not give them a few days grace at least) as in the OP's situation

      I walked away from hostgator (with a sigh of relief) and set u my own servers elsewhere (I was that sick of them)

      To be honest, I think what the OP should do is tell them how he feels by walking away and taking his business elsewhere

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    I have been having an issue with hostgator as well,

    Thinking of dropping them, a billing issue as you mention, however with a
    twist, my payment method is good until the end of the month,

    I get an email stating that my account will be disabled if I dont come in and give them a new payment method, (which will be the same as the one they already have) Interesting, it sort of made me wonder if I am spending my money at the right place.

    Given that time is money and I hate wasting either of them, I may just move to another host, one that has a better understanding of time and continuity.

    Seems as if they have switched over to a different billing procedure, which is less likely to create a beneficial relationship with customers.

    Sometimes I have to shake my head when I see this off behavior, oh well, what can you do, right,

    I can just go somewhere else, I believe my account is around 200.00 per year, not much in the big picture, but if I have to constantly mop up after a sloppy billing procedure, not really worth my time.

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