Who wants a (fairly decent) domain name for nowt?

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My renewal is nearly up and I haven't got the time to dedicate to

So I'm willing to give it away - at a price (no money needed)

The price:

Post your best tip for monetising a humour site...

I'll choose my favourite answer later today.

No content/databases/hosting come with this offer - I don't have time to set anything up. It's the domain only.

If you're interested, post here in the thread.

It's hosted with GoDaddy, so I can push it to you for free if you're with them.
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    first it would be adsense...that relate to other comic sites...
    and second you could make some small joke collection ebooks...that you would release every week/month and sell it for 15-20$ a piece.
    another option would be selling stand-up comedy dvds as an amazon affiliate, and put links on your website
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    I'd post a joke a day on a blog type site with rotating ads for Amazon humour related books.
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      I'd find youtube videos with certain themes and thend find affiliate programs within those themes. example: A funny video of someone getting soaked in a storm ( or with a super soaker) and then an affiliate program for umbrella, or raincoats, or galoshes, or even to make it funnier, for scuba gear.

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