OMG! It took me two days to sign up to all bookmark sites!

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Thanks "G" that's over!

I'm preparing the tools I need in generating traffic. Literally building my base tools. Didn't realize it will be harder than it seems.

I thought that onewire and socialmarker could easily submit links automatically. Didn't new there was a catch to it. You must first signup one by one to the bookmarking sites..Thus a two days laborious sign-up.

Anyways. It was due I've learned in this site..

Now, next step is to submit an article, see if it places me near page one of google..

Also, if anybody can provide a summarized step on how to optimize keywords before posting, it will be great! dont abreviate please..Im a newbie.
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    Next time you can pay someone to do that job for you.

    About keywords:
    - find keyword that has less then 300k results on G,
    - check with seoquake first page on google and how many backlinks each site has...look if there is some site with less then 200 backlinks and PR < 3
    - if there is, go with that keyword and just add it to article title, first sentence and bio box (linked to main site)
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      Two days? How many sites did you sign up for? It took me an hour to do the top forty... and I'm sure there are a lot of people quicker than me!


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