can't uninstall program

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I installed this program so I could watch the Olympics live
but it turned out to be a program that promotes antivirus-08,

something is stopping it from uninstalling, I found the specific folder
it is in, when I try and delete the folder it can says access denied,

what if I opened the folder and deleted each component, there is a database file,
should I delete that,

also on my desktop it says Warning spyware detected on your computer,
I know this is not true, they just want me to by their product.

How do I get rid of this.


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    If using widows try a system restore to before you installed the spy-ware software.
    It may or may not work but it's a try..
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    type in msconfig.exe

    this will open a window with about half a dozen tabs. the last one specifies programs that start up on startup. see if you can find the culprit there, and disable it.

    restart. when you get a message from the configurations that changed, simply choose not to see the message again. the next will ask you if u want to restart again , just say no.

    now try and delete it.

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