How to find the right niche?

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how do u guys find your niche before creating your own product. i mean, the broad niche isn't the problem here, but to break down the niche to small little ones to see which one has the most potential to earn money, that's where i seem to be lost. is there any tools or any free way to do this?

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    You need to spend some time and learn
    everything you can about

    keyword searches and "LongTail Searches"

    Google adwords keyword tool isn't bad...its free
    and will get you acquainted.

    There are others like WordTracker and I am sure
    some Warriors here will give you more.


    thats how you begin to break it down

    Use Bedbugs for instance

    How Many Searches


    Bedbug Bites


    how to get rid of Bed Bugs?

    There could be the product....just a quick example

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    well you should start at a general keyword and then keep digging:
    ex: you have "snowboards" go to googles keyword tool, and search for this.
    in there you may find "good snowboards" , "how to ride a snowboard" etc...
    pick 4-5 keywords from there and then start searching on google and see on how many websites you come up with, also you can go to and use their keyword tool and see how many searches your keyword gets per day. narrow it down to 1-2 keywords. then start looking for communities, articles, products, other websites regarding your keywords and see if people are interest in buying such a product, you could join a forum or something and ask some people.
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      Actually there are dozens of ways of finding profitable niche markets.

      I did some serious research into HOW MANY WAYS a while back and stopped
      counting at 37. Found some more since then too. These also have been
      added to my site - the link is below.


      Question: What do you want in a good niche?

      Answer: A decent sized crowd of passionate buyers.

      The key concepts there are... volume + passion + buyers (not freebie seekers or lurkers).

      Better still is where they are buying products that are either repeat purchases (ink cartridges, vitamins and subscription programs) or higher priced items (home gym gear, motorbikes and some self improvement courses).


      One great place to find niches is eBay. Drill down through the categories and see what level of interest there is in the products that sell there.


      As you search, remember you need to monetize your niche. There are affiliate programs for most things which you can locate through a google search. Type in the name of your niche and the word affiliate or affiliate program.

      Best wishes,

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