Products: Do you outsource (out task) or write them yourself?

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What is your method of operation? Do you write most of your own stuff or do you farm it out to a writer? Perhaps you do a little of each. Why have you chosen to produce products that way?

My belief has been that most people outsource product creation, but maybe that's just not the case.
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    It depends if you are new in this stuff you must create it yourself. But if you have experience about the number of sales you can generate, then you outsource the job.
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    I don't do any writing myself anymore... I outsource everything.

    The reason is because Im damn lazy and more importantly I dont enjoy writing for lots of the niches Im involved with
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      I outsource graphics, design and coding, and I have a personal assistant who manages a lot of my email.

      I also outsource articles and blog posts for some of the niches I'm involved in.

      As far as creating products is concerned however, I do that myself. That's why I outsource as much of the other stuff as I can.

      When it comes to writing a product, the writer has to know the field well enough to create great material. It's hard to find people who are that knowledgeable in an area. Once they know enough about an area, they tend create their own products rather than creating them for others. :-)
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    Outsourcing everything should be the goal. You are a marketer and not a writer. This is true for all the other stuff involved like site and link building etc.


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