20$ A DAY.

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Hi friends,

Please let me know when can i make 20$/day by doin internet business,i am new to this business.

I would appreciate advice from all the senior warrior in the forum.
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    What is your focus? Creating and selling products or do you offer a service such as graphic arts, or writing?

    You certainly get get lost in all the ways to make money. I think the fastest is offering a service of some type and putting up a WSO. After that you can find your niche and create products.

    I know a guy that posted he would do Virtual Assistant type work and was getting work almost immediately.

    For inspiration read Steven Wagenhiem's posts.
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    I prefer Adsense for my online earnings right now, although i am moving into promoting afilliate products. A few good niches with some good article marketing can have you bringing in $20 per day pretty quick with adsense.
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    with a right content on a blog or website you can make 20$ with adsense, you just have to update it often and get some traffic
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    Try joining some ppc programs or mlm programs are try making a buck or two from advertising revenue . Even if you do not have a website you can make a couple bucks from blogging
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    Reread Jeremy's post above.

    Very good advice. For $20 a day you couldn't ask for a more clear plan.

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      I would suggest too to do some article writing or become a virtual assistant. You just need to join some freelance sites and get started from there. If you write 4 articles at 5$ or 5 articles at 4$ you will have your 20$. For virtual assistant I do not know the rates, but I'm pretty sure it would be easy to do 20$ in a day. Writing articles will also give you the opportunity to improve your written English, as you will need to write quality articles to get paid well.

      Hope this helps.
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    Focus! Focus! Focus! Pick one money making method and stick to it. Don't hop from one idea to another to another.

    Rob Whisonant
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    Many people tell you to focus and stick to one thing. I will tell you to UNFOCUS (if that is a word) and do MANY things and here's why: Basically, when you unfocus you are exposed to more. Yes, it is absolutely true that you will not earn as much with these many things your doing than you would with one, but by opening yourself up to more niches, different business plans, different strategies, different people etc... you have a greater chance of learning more and earning more.

    This is my personal experience. I started online working on about 20 different sites. At first I made almost nothing. Now, one of those niches I made a site for has become VERY popular because of the current conditions and I am focusing on that only.

    I stepped outside of the internet marketing realm and entered some other ventures with other people who are interested in working on this niche and it is becoming a very fruitful effort.

    So, now that you have all sorts of points of views and ideas it is time to realize that there is no real answer to the question, "how do I make $20/day."

    After you learn internet business basics, some marketing basics, more advanced strategies and so forth it is time for you to go out there and put your knowledge to work on some endevour. And it is always true that if you never start or take some risk with your money or time you will never go anywhere.

    Thank You,

    George Christodoulou
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    Well there you have it. Two distinct methods to make money online.

    slashman's throw all the sh#$ you can at the wall and see what sticks and my method of selecting a proven method that makes money and sticking to it.

    Both work. Now it's up to you to select the method that works best for you.

    Rob Whisonant
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    To make any sort of mone online, you have to work from your strength. The internet in itself is not a business but just a means of communication, you can easily make this as an affilliate or freelancer.Register on any of the freelance sites, elance or guru.com. If you can write articles or post in forums, this is easy. As an affiliate, you can direct traffic to your affiliate sites by writing articles and posting in forums. These methods wont cost you a penny and would easily make you$20 a day if you work at it
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    Get out there and take some action Vorales. Go and make your $20 a day and then try and double it. If you do the right things im sure it wont take long for you to start to see some results.

    Good luck.
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      You need to sell products on ebay and forums, hopefully you will make $20 or more a day then.
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    Write articles.......
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      Can you place links to clickbank products in the body and resource box of an article that is being submitted?

      Just wondering.
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    Affiliate marketing is a tried and tested way of creating ongoing profits online. It is a huge industry that can easily be broken down into many, very specific sectors and niches. This means you aren't putting all your eggs into one basket which, for me, is the problem with basing an income on individual programs such as adsense. In my experience, what works is to focus on a method that has been proven to be highly profitable and that has numerous ways for you to make income...and then learn all you can about that method, as fast as you can.
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    Here's an easy way of making $20 a day.

    1. Join a CPA Network.
    2. Choose a email/zip submit campaign that pays at least $1. When selecting a campaign make sure that the advertised product or it's niche has a lot of open Yahoo Answers Questions.

    3. Start answering questions. Use Google to find more info on the subject and try your best to help the person who asked the question. At the end of your answer leave the affiliate CPA link.

    The more questions you answer, the more money you make - it's that simple

    For you to reach your goal of $20 a day, you would need only 20 emails/zipcodes for the $1 campaign and that can be achieved fairly easily with this method.

    Extra tip: If you find there are a lot of questions in the chosen niche, it may be wise to register a domain name for the selected campaign. After registering use domain masking and forwarding to the affiliate link. This way, you don't post an affiliate link but a regular good looking one that looks more genuine - it will get more clicks

    Hope that helps!
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    It depends on many, many things.

    1. your access to good advice
    2. your ability to learn
    3. your ability to take MASSIVE action
    4. your overall mindset and attitude
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    have a few sites with adsense on there and drive traffic but even that will take time to get $20 a day to start off.
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    Originally Posted by vorales View Post

    Hi friends,

    Please let me know when can i make 20$/day by doin internet business,i am new to this business.

    I would appreciate advice from all the senior warrior in the forum.
    Build a list...market to it...600 or so a month shouldn't be difficult with a list of 100-200. It might take a while...but once you learn it...you don't forget it.


    Brad Spencer
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    Be an affiliate for a major site like clickbank or commission junction. Or if you prefer the mainstream way, amazon or best buy.

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