Doin business on E-Bay.

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Hi Warriors,

Well i would like to know how to make money on E-bay.

Have any one in the forum did business on E-bay and made money.

How much?

what did you sold?

what did you bought?

Please Advice.
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  • Profile picture of the author Alok Jain
    I used to sell stuff on ebay... but that was long ago. I used dropshippers to sell antiques. Yeah, it was profitable
  • Profile picture of the author vorales
    Thanks Sam for the ebook
  • Profile picture of the author JeffersonB
    I'm thinking of getting into Ebay.

    I'm just not a fan of sending stuff off
  • Profile picture of the author Samster
    I used to sell on E-bay. Mostly things I found at garage sales or in stores on clearance. I did well until E-bay changed their fees. I know they just recently changed their fee structure again but I have already moved on to other things.
  • Profile picture of the author SolomonHuey
    I used to sell ebooks and made a few thousand a month doing that. However with fees continually raising and rules getting more difficult, it made it difficult in that respect so I left to start something else.

    A lot of the big name ebook sellers are probably still making a killing though.

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