What Affiliate Tools Do You Want To See?

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I had a product that is being sold through Clickbank affiliates, and I really want to provide my affiliate team with the best tools and info I can.

What affiliate tools do you really like to see provided for you or what do you find the most helpful?

My conversion is good, and they're making money, so we don't need to go there... I just want to really overdo things with my affiliates so I'm looking for ideas besides articles, banners, and cover graphics that I already have.

Anything I'm missing?
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    You really want to know their socks off?

    Give them a mini site with squeeze page and 10 autoresponder messages promoting your business. Now not only are you helping them build their own list, you're also helping them promote your product over and over. Of course if you have a squeeze page on your site, this doesn't work.

    The second alternative would be to get Viral Document Toolkit and write them a brandable ebook.
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      If you want to explore some great ideas on affiliate tools to use, please click on the first link in my sig.

      Best of luck,

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