More Profits with Less Effort Going Offline

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Hello Warriors,

Taking a little informal survey here.

Most of you consider yourselves to be internet marketers. And the internet did bring about profound changes in marketing - some for better, some for worse.

but what if someone showed you an offline marketing technique that had the potential for creating much higher profits than your average internet based technique with less effort? Would you be interested?

I know there has been a lot of interest in "offline" techniques lately. But that usually involves starting a local portal or consulting to local offline businesses. What I have in mind is an offline technique, but it's in a totally different area than the recent offline niche.

Steve Robertson
R.A.M. Video
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    You've got my attention!
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    Sure! I'm open to anything that offers a solid ROI. On line/Offline... whatever. If it drives legions of targeted, rabid buyers to my pages waiving credit cards in the air... I'm game.

    Whatcha got?
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    Hello Warriors,

    I've decided to send out the details on this new technique to about ten people who are really interested. This will make it possible to study their progress and assemble a few real life case studies.

    All I ask is that you PM me with a short statement saying that you won't pass along the details to any one else.

    Steve R.

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