Free Autoresponder Anyone?

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Hello Warriors,

Just wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get autoresponder for free.
Please no crap. One that is popular and will not harm my computer.
Thanks for any replies.
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    Ok many of the main players offer free Ad supported autoresponders - geresponse do. However this really is a bad way to go as you could be collecting customers only for them to go to your competitors via the ads on the autoresponder. You're only looking at $20 a month for any of the main no ad supported autoresponders. I'd suggest strongly you invest in this.

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      Getresponse has a free one BUT it is awful. There are ads to other e products that show up on your landing page and it just generally sucks.

      You should really think twice (read that as DON'T DO IT) about starting with an autoresponder that you are not planning on staying with. You, unfortunately, will have to pay money for that. I would suggest aweber because I think that it beats the pants off of the other ones, including getresponse.

      There are many reasons you don't want to go with a free one and then switch. But the primary one is that your subscribers will have to re-optin once you switch and you will likely lose a lot of your subscribers.

      Up to you but, I tried to go that route and it took me less than a day to figure out that it wasn't gonna work.

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