how is this done with ebay displaying on this site?

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hey guys,

can someone tell me how this is done! please

in the url below (not mine) in the center is lots of ebay listing, but what is the site owner using to get them to display that way? (not the ones in the sidebar)

NBA Video Now » NBA Store

Its not one of the widgets from ebay partners from what I can make out, Ive tried all of the options they have and nothing looks like this.

I also tried to look at source code but cant figure it out.

anyone know???

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    Sent you a PM Andy (apologies!) and hope it helps.
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      Isn't that a customised BANS?

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      hey jo thanks for the PM,

      I dont actually want to create a full on ebay store site like BANS but just to insert auctions into a specific page on my blog just like this page NBA Video Now » NBA Store (the auctions down the center).

      I like the way these look and I thought it was a widget or something on those line from ebay partner but I cant get it to look like that and I'm pretty convinced this site isn't using a widget from them, but he is however using one of ebays widgets in the left sidebar, but what about the center???

      any thoughts?

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