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Hello Warriors,

Tell me your method to finding your most profitable niches. Why? Because there are so many different ways out there to choose a niche to promote that it's plain confusing.

Some say... "Choose the niche you love." Others explain that,"There is a near scientific approach to finding the perfect niche that will generate a continuous income."

What's your method?
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    I'm looking forward to the answers you get on this. I too have heard both schools of thought, and I too am struggling with what niche to focus on.

    Here's where I'm at in my thinking...

    If your primary goal is to make a difference in the lives of people (and money is secondary), then start with what you love - and build out from there.

    If your primary goal is to make money, then start with and stay focused on market demand.

    I write for Suite101, and was making a pittance, while writing articles that interested me. But when I shifted towards writing for what the market wanted - and focusing closely on keywords - my income grew. I'm now making ten times a month what I was making 6 months ago! And it's because I started giving the marketplace what it wanted.

    Having said all that...

    I'm still struggling to find the right niche, because if you're going to build an opt-in list or start any kind of authority site, you have to position yourself as a credible expert. And if you don't like the niche, then it's going to be a real chore. So, I'm kind of stuck on that right now.

    So, I look forward to what others have to say.
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    My strategy is to go into popular competitive markets. I've been making a full-time income online since 2002, and I'm in the most crowded "niches" - weight loss and business opportunity.

    Don't be afraid of competition. If a lot of people are selling something, that means that there are plenty of buyers.

    Whenever I tried to go into a smaller obscure "niche", my results were much worse then in the hot big markets.

    Best regards,
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      Melanie, I assume you try to differentiate yourself in those big niches by digging deep into sub-niches and establishing a USP. Right? Or am I over-thinking it?
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    I really love art, and would love to be able to sell marketing advice to artists. But... I am very aware that artists aren't big into investing in personal development (or is that a presumption).

    How would I work out what makes money in the art world as a niche?
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    I found my greatest niche by tapping into what I knew more than a MILLION people had on their mind at the time. I knew there would be tens of thousands looking for information. So I wrote an eBook that gave them what they needed, sold it for a very affordable price, and the rest was $$ in my PayPal account.

    So I say, check out what is going on in the nation/world and then brainstorm about what people need . . . answer their need with a product and you've got a recipe for success!

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    Use misspelled concept to dominate undominated niche...
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      I recently did a blog post about this. I generally combine both approaches. When looking for niche ideas, I start with things that I am interested in-it makes the whole process easier and more enjoyable for me if I can build an income stream around a hobby or interest. But after I get a list of niche ideas together, I go through a research process for market validation. No matter how passionate I am about something, there has to be a potential for profit to make it worthwhile.

      That's not to say that I would never enter a niche I wasn't personally interested in, now that I have some systems and assets in place. But I prefer to enjoy my work.


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