How To Find In-Demand Niches in 10 Seconds

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It's amazingly easy and obvious now, but it couldn't be done with the old WF forum.

This new forum has clickable columns. All you do is click on "Views" up on the right, and the topics with the greatest number of readers appears - in order of desperation

Match the 'hurt' questions up with an answer - whether with your own product or an affiliate one - and your J.O.B. days are over!

Working Example: Just now, "What is Hype" by our good friend Paul Myers has 4,150 views. Even without looking inside (and I haven't), I can tell from the topic that transparency and honesty is important for marketers. The replies should give us the answer on how to make our presentation or copy more compelling. Even if the replies don't spew out any hot info, the topic analysis shows it is a hugely important subject in the often racy world of internet marketing.

Another: "How To Get Your Article On The First Google Results Page For Your Keyword" has 4,127 views. If the information in those 88 posts aren't enough to adapt and write a 7 page free report bonus, I'd be very surprised.

This feature has spun off several ideas that I'm putting into practice right now. It's a demand-driven goldmine.
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    You should immediately delete this thread. Good idea.

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      Originally Posted by Michael Chris View Post

      You should immediately delete this thread. Good idea.

      Yeah, right away. Let me package it up in WSO real quick..
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    Very easy and simple to apply. Just what I like.

    And this can be done on any forum or any niche.

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    This is so simple and so obvious that almost noone will pay any attention to it. But, I will. Thanks.

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      That's seriously brilliant, Ken, you should post on here more often!

      Speaking of the clean up your avatar thread, I think that if someone designed an app that would block all mankini photographs from appearing on the WF, they could truly clean up.
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    Am I the only one being blonde today, because....

    .... I can not find this 'Views' button you speak of (on the top right).

    Could you (or anyone) tell me exactly where this is. I've spent 10 minutes looking everywhere and I'm slowly going insane as everyone else seems to be seeing it! Is it me? (probably)

    Sorry to be the dumb kid today...

    Thank you,

    jenn x
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      Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

      Click on the "Views" column heading, right hand column, to sort by # of views.
      Go to the "main forum" first without clicking on any threads

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    Some might say that it's an even better idea to find what people want by sorting results in this way over in the WSO section.....
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      Not to be a buzz kill....IMO, the "views" method is highly inaccurate and over time will show that rants and flame wars are the most popular threads.

      I suggest using the "tags search" as a way to find the most popular topics on this forum.

      Just go to the search page:

      WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Search Forums

      Then, scroll to the bottom and you'll see the Top 100 tag searches. The bigger the size of the text, the more popular that keyword/tag is.

      Here's the tag cloud now, although the "size" is missing as I just copy/pasted the list:

      Search Tag Cloud
      adsense advertising adwords affiliate affiliate marketing amazon article articles auction autoresponder backlinks blog blog traffic business cash clickbank cloud content copywriting cpa day design domains ebay ebook ebooks edit email facebook fees find frank kern free free ebook free traffic good google graphics guide headlines hosting income internet internet marketing joomla links made make make money online market marketing membership minutes mistake mistakes money month mrr newbie newbies niche offer online package paypal plr plr articles plr ebooks ppa product review sales scam search marketing secret secrets seo site social networking software strategies system testing thread top traffic twitter video videos viral marketing warriors water for gas plr website wigiz wordpress wordpressspecials writing wso youtube youtube traffic

      Again, to see which of these are the most popular, visit the search page, scroll down and see which tags are the biggest:
      WarriorForum - Internet Marketing Forums - Search Forums

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