Custoer Doesn't Do Email, But Wants to Use CC to Pay for Offline Biz. Any Merchant Account Solution?

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Small business owner asked me to build a site (which is completed) and wants me to host their website monthly and would like a monthly payment plan.

The challenge is, they're so computer illiterate that they only "heard about" Google or Yahoo and of course never heard anything about Paypal. They don't do email either.

I don't have any offline merchant account and don't want to create one that requires upfront fee or expensive monthly fee, only because I am charging this business $20 monthly and nothing else.

Is there anyway I can help them without them setting up an email? I don't want to go the route of creating an email just to use Paypal to deposit their money into mine -- I am afraid Paypal will see it as a manipulative Cash Advance tactic or something against their rules.

Any creative idea?
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    What type of product are they dealing with? If they deal with products that nedd response and delivery etc. they need to have contact with their clients.

    You can still set up email using cellphone or blackberry - that way they get notice as soon as something happens and they do not operate in the dark

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      PayPal has a program where you can take CCs offline under certain terms that might be helpful. (Maybe even via cell phone?) The name escapes me at the moment. Log in to your PayPal account and look under the navigation for sellers tools (or whatever).

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    Dennis, email is much older than the web, even Web 1.0.

    People were using email in the 80s, long before the web existed.
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      That may be so... but still yet most small businesses that are brick and mortar don't use email. Reason being... a lot of small businesses have little use for email... at least in their eyes. They only want to be contacted by phone. They don't understand the importance of email marketing to potential clients. A lot of IT Consultants are also uneducated in the effect an email marketing campaign can have on a business... especially the ones performing work on these businesses computers. They only care about their computers... and not about their marketing.

      You would not believe the number of small businesses that don't even have a server. A lot of these companies are still doing peer to peer networks if they have a network at all. They don't want to invest the time or money required for a server. And this doesn't necessarily have to be a cash strapped company either. Some very successful companies just don't see the need for a server even when it is put in plain english for them.

      Although email is a different story... it is all the same. Some people just don't want to deal with technology. It can be something as minor as email or as major as a server. They prefer to keep things simple.
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    I am tempted to say get an email address for him. Send PayPal invoices to that email. Use his CC number and pay them. Otherwise, give him the boot.

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    Charge them $600 instead of $240 and take it out in Pizza and Beverage. They will be glad to do it because they pay less than $240 for $600 worth of pizza and drink.

    Now you can do one of three things (maybe you can think of more)

    Treat all of your friends to a BIG pizza party and when they ask what you did to have such a great party you explain the joys of Internet Marketing to them. Have some How To CDs ready for them at a discount of course.


    Never worry where your next meal is coming from because when you need to grab a bite, money or shopping time or prep time will not be an issue. And if they have other things on the menu like chicken and salad so much the better. If they deliver, now you can stay at your Internet Business while they prepare and bring you your food. (Can you imagine the great picture for your site, Pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling with the headline. Who Else Wants to Make Millions While You Eat $600 worth of "free" Pizza in Your _________ (insert the appropriate attire for your target market, i.e. Pajamas/Sweats etc.)

    And 3... Drum Roll Please ......

    Use a portion of their facility for an Internet seminar and have locals sign up for your (what ever you have for them to sign up for)

    Bonus Suggestion

    give a Warrior Party and invite Vegas Vince. He will draw in more Warriors from all over the place. Of course that will cost more than $600 but I think Vince will throw down the short fall. If not I understand Kevin Riley and perhaps Michael Tracey can work it off in the Kitchen.

    George Wright P.S. OK I went a little overboard but I mean it about the food, did you see my post, "$200 worth of dead chickens?"

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