South African Warriors...I need your help!

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I'm writing a project that requires knowledge of the way health insurance works in South Africa. I'm doing some research but getting lost. If one of you would be willing to answer just a few questions for me....I would be most appreciative!

(This was the most International place I could think of. )
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    Let it rip!

    Skype me

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    For the most part In south africa if you have health insurance and you go to the DR. you wont have to pay anything for the visit.You can go to the pharmacy and get your prescription without paying anything even if you have to go to the ER and stay in hospital for a few days you still don't have to pay anything because you are insured.

    That was one big shock i experienced when i came to the US. Even if I have health insurance a Trip to the DR or The ER would still cost me an arm and a leg.
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    We recently visited momentum health on a kind of a field trip for final year ISTN students.

    I know the inside workings of the place pretty well...especially from an IT perspective...although the whole company is actually one big computer.

    I can only help you from friday on....PM me.
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      Thank you so much! I have to finish it this week....but I did get a lead on a few resources. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I forgot to subscribe to this thread.

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