Adwords Ads Approval Time (Please Help)!

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Hi Guys,

I've got a problem with google adwords not approving my ads, its been 3 weeks now.

My quality score is ok, I've got some keywords with 10/10 quality score and others with 7/10. But my ads are till not running on google.

When searching on their help search I came over this conversation:

Why my Ads are not showing up? - AdWords Help

Now its seems like my ads are never going to show up. There is one person their who says they've waited for over a month now and their ads are still not running.

For those who are advertising on adwords, please tell how long did it take for your ads to show?

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    Are your bids high enough? I've never had that problem - my ads usually begin running within a few minutes when the bid is high enough. ALso check other parameters such as ad run times, daily budget etc in your campaign settings. good luck
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    Takes a few minutes for my ads. What you need to do is to set up a new campaign; set your bids and daily budget high at first, once your ads start showing, lower your bids and see if they are still showing and in what positions. Keep lowering your bids to adjust to a level where you are comfortable and your ads are still showing in positions you like them to

    Edit: I just saw your other thread where you assume your account is under review. This is likely not the case at all. I have multiple adwords accounts (about 20) and for each account it took a few minutes to set it up. Never had any approval problems
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    Hi Brain, thanks for your advice.

    I've got only 3 bids that ain't high enough, the rest about 14 are OK. The ones that are OK I assume should be running but none of my ads are.

    I've set my daily limit. but don't remember setting any run times. May this run time be the problem?

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    I believe the default is to run ads at all times, so they is not likely to be the cause.
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    I have had this problem a few times, but I haven't waited longer than a few days.
    I solved this problem with Google-Support. Takes a few days to get their answer, but this way I've got my ads approved (thought that something has been wrong with bid, landing page, quality score or something, but they have had a working backlock).

    Send an email to support ! Only way to solve this problem !


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