What place does a formal education have in IM?

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Do you have a formal education, maybe up to degree level? Has it been useful for your online career?

I ask because there seems to been a marked increase in the number of UK universities offering a degree in Entrepreneurship. It just got me thinking, what use is a piece of paper saying you can be your own boss - when you're going to be your own boss?

No doubt the course content is useful (debatable how relevant maybe) but why a degree?

And then I remembered; a couple of years ago I actually gave a talk to a group of 2nd year Entrepreneurship students. My topic was on being self employed. There was about 120 of them. I asked them a simple question,

"Who knows what business they're going to be running once they graduate?"

No-body put their hand up. So, I asked a question I was confident of getting a more positive response to,

"Who's going to run their own business after graduation?"

Guess how many hands went up this time?


What's the point of that? Why learn Entrepreneurship if you're not going to put it into practice. And you know what, their tutor was surprised too, he'd never asked them that question before!

Certainly makes me wonder the point of some so-called education. I mean, how much of your formal education are you using now and how much have you never used and never likely to use?

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    School is over rated but education is not
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    There is nothing wrong with formal education that a serious dose of the real world won't cure--quickly.

    While many of the technical skills and some of the social skills taught at university level are directly beneficial to entrepreneurs much of the required core isn't.

    "Entrepreneurship" is a state of mind. A way of doing. It's part of one's basic make-up.

    It can be learned but not taught.

    Done right it requires guts, stamina, dedication, perseverance and complete and utter belief in yourself and your abilities.

    Elmer Hurlstone

    PS. Please bear in mind I last attended college a bunch of years ago.
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    Originally Posted by Peter Bestel View Post

    It just got me thinking, what use is a piece of paper saying you can be your own boss - when you're going to be your own boss?

    No doubt the course content is useful (debatable how relevant maybe) but why a degree?

    Peter, I see the tongue in your cheek with this post.

    A degree is not a piece of paper its knowledge. Whatever you do you have a much broader outlook on all aspects of life for having done it. You also learn how to write well enough to pass a professors' stern eye. How to associate your ideas with those of others. You make friends on a higher level than otherwise. You socialise without requiring alcohol or drugs to open doors for you. You gain the respect of others. And so I could go on.

    Whatever one does after it the experience and knowledge will always stand out and you'll succeed because anyone who gains a degree is already a winner.
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    I'm sure the right degree can be very helpful in IM.

    If you have a degree in creative writing, I suspect that would be a huge help in writing smooth sales copy.

    If you have a degree in marketing, I suspect that would be a huge help in planning your marketing strategies.

    I think there's alot of degrees that could be very useful in IM. But, I don't think my degrees in political science and sociology are really much help at all, although I'm a proficient writer thanks to the college education.
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    Im actually a Meteorologist. I have a science degree. Yes i have an obsession with the weather.

    Was planning on going to America to chase tornadoes. Iv put that on hold for a while while my IM is going well.
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    Excellent John

    "Back to School" seems to be referenced a few times on this forum - mind you, one of its stars is a Warrior...

    Is that Sally Kellerman or HeySal?

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    Hi Peter, My experiences with higher education of business is total negative antics. By this I mean Everything is based on murphy's law of whatever can go wrong will go wrong? Why should a student start a business when they are taught they will fail from the start?? Ironic
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    People seem to focus more on money as a measure of success than other things gained by expanding your brain power and thinking. A degree makes you think, it also highlights the benefit of peace, love, harmony, understanding and control of one's emotions and direction in life.

    Anyone can have money, stacks of it if they want, the problem is how they get it and what they have contributed to society and the world in general. Right now millionaires are turning into billionaires as the world suffers climate change, the oceans are dying from plastic pollution, the air we breath comprises less oxygen and more carbon, rivers are drying up, agricultural land is turning to salt and massive devastation is just around the corner.

    Despite that our richest people are still chopping down forests, out fishing the oceans, draining rivers for dwindling profits, mining minerals and poisoning the little water and land that is left uncontaminated. Why? So a few can be rich and 'successful' while the rest of us worry about what is to come.

    This morning the ABC broadcast a message by a professor who warns that within a few years Australia will be a fortress fighting to keep the hordes or environmental refugees out. He said the USA and Canada are also preparing their defences for the same onslaught. The question is where do people go and what do we do when we are faced with starving, thirsty and diseased millions knocking on our doors.

    It doesn't matter how much money you have? Most of the billionaires of this world are hell bent on destruction as long as they make money. They don't care about the effect of their activities on others nor about the products and methods of production. They only care about money and the more you have the more, it seems, you want.

    Money is only important because people have made it so. The most important thing for all humans is survival. Clean air to breath, clean water to drink and food in our stomachs. yet, despite the turmoil facing us people are still breeding in unsustainable numbers, still turning to their so-called gods for help, still warring and polluting, still living the dream that man has created.

    As a thinking, intelligent person who undertook a degree in archaeology/anthropology and linguistics, my knowledge tells me that in every past society of note the environment caused its collapse. That wars started over water rights, that genocide of other cultures took place, that people invaded foreign lands and stole from the occupiers whom they mostly killed. If you don't believe me look at the history books.

    We are in for it because most of the people today believe in money rather than knowledge to get ahead. They measure success by their big houses (often numerous in number) while we tether on the brink of the worst economic disaster in history, including the great depression.

    As we build the defenses against refugee invasion from climate change perhaps the millionaires, and there are many who claim to be such in this forum, and those who strive to become one will ponder what we might do when time has run out.

    Money is not a solution to them but a cause of our problems. What we need to do is get knowledge to turn our minds and expand our brains so we become better people and survivors, if that is possible.
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    Best post of the day, Norma. Wrong forum, though. : )
    Oh! What is the right forum then? I thought the subject was about a formal education and how it may help us in IM. Isn't good knowledge and careful consideration of others a major part of IM success? Isn't our treatment of others a factor in how they perceive us? These things are not gained necessarily from a degree but they are part of our education and a formal education may help us discern the best way forward without destruction and unwarranted abuse of the rights of others.

    Its all a part of selling and presentation, isn't it?
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    Actually got in to a conversation with a few folks recently about this topic. Some of them have degrees. We were talking about what we do, how we make our money, etc...

    I was the one in the group that didn't finish his first semester of college. I dropped out and went on tour for 2 years with a band.

    One of the guys said, "Look. Most of us took on tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get a degree. When we finished our degree, we HOPED to land a job that would make us around $35K to $50K a year. What the hell were we thinking?"

    I asked and most of them are not working in the area that they studied for in college.

    The hard cold reality is that I make more than some of those guys combined and I have no formal education to speak of.

    Now, having said that, I'm a big fan of education. I've just chosen the informal route.

    I like Kiyosaki's comment referenced earlier about the banker never asking to see the report card. When we get out in the real world, our "report card" is our bank account.

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