Don't Be Afraid Of The Guru's

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I know it can be a daunting thing for a newbie or even a marketer who has somewhat of a name to actually approach a guru and ask to do a JV with them.

Sure approaching A Grade guys like Mike F, John Reese or Willie Crawford (Willie is infact very approachable) may not result in a yes, as these guys are very busy and have more JV requests then they can poke a stick at.....


There are thousands more other marketers who are just waiting for the right offer to come along.

Have a product/service that their list will be responsive to. If you know Mr Guru X uses and promotes Article Marketing stuff...then if you have a new cool Article marketing product that has a USP, he already knows that his list will eat more of it up.

most importantly.....JUST ASK!

I've gotten many knock backs but I've also gotten several "gurus" involved with an upcoming launch (marketers who in the past I could only dream would want to JV with me) by meeting the following criteria:

- Make it relate to their list
- Make sure your product has a USP (do something unique/new)
- Offer generous commissions
- Make it easy for them (provide all promo materials)

By doing the above..

you're essentially making it hard for them to say NO!
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    Hi Ernie, you are right. We all start from scratch and so do the gurus.

    We are all in fact humans and it is ok to approach them. The worst thing that can happen is a "no" from them. Just move on. There are another 6 billion people to contact and so let's move on. =)

    But we don't take it personally. It is ok. They have their reasons such as they are busy with their projects and so on.

    Even we do say "no" to request now and then, don't we?

    So it is ok to ask them some questions, intelligent and specific questions pertaining to their products so to speak.

    Build that relationship first. Offer them your help. Be their friend first. Give help more than just take from them.

    This is the basic of starting any relationship, even in offline world.

    Btw, I am trying to get into Willie Crawford's list. Any url to recommend?

    Thanks alot,
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      You're exactly right John.

      Umm well I could provide you the URL to my may have better luck than I did

      Originally Posted by jhongren View Post

      Btw, I am trying to get into Willie Crawford's list. Any url to recommend?

      Thanks alot,
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      Originally Posted by jhongren View Post

      Build that relationship first.
      That is the best advice right there. I have gotten a few JVs for my book, but the big ones are from people that I previously had a relationship with.

      There is one coming up in particular that is great. I have been doing a little bit of work for this person for a few months now and have developed a great relationship with him.

      It is a lot harder to approach people cold b/c you have to really make yourself stand out from the other hundreds or thousands that want to score JVs from them. But when you have given them something of value, it is sooo much easier to get the promotion.
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    Nice Post and 100% correct!

    To use an old cliche, if you dont ask you dont get

    I can remember approaching Joe Vitale a couple of years ago. He politely declined but I was able to get some direct email with him and a few words of encouragement which helped push me along the way.

    As you say, many will say NO but very few will say NO without a reason or some words of advice and thats worth the effort in itself.

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