I need someone to teach me how to build Clickbank websites

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Im a total newbie and this is my first post, so sorry in advance if I posted in the wrong place.

Wanted: Clickbank expert to help me build website

I need someone who is a Clickbank expert to help me build a website from start to finish. I need them to walk me through it, step by step, over the phone or skype.
I want someone who has built several dozen affiliate websites that sell Clickbank products who knows all of clickbanks rules and can build the site to Clickbanks specific parameters and rules.
I already have one product I have picked and I have the domain name reserved, now all I need is for you to show me how to build the site from scratch, word for word, step by step, start to finish. I would prefer someone in the USA.
In other words, I am looking for someone who builds their own websites to sell Clickbank products as an Affiliate. Someone who is a superaffiliate and builds lots of them who has a streamlined system they can teach me that I can replicate easily.
If you are in Vegas, that is even better, than I would pay more for someone to show me how to build websites in person
Please message me privately with your contact information and rates. Thanks
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