I need someone to teach me how to build Clickbank websites

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Im a total newbie and this is my first post, so sorry in advance if I posted in the wrong place.

Wanted: Clickbank expert to help me build website

I need someone who is a Clickbank expert to help me build a website from start to finish. I need them to walk me through it, step by step, over the phone or skype.
I want someone who has built several dozen affiliate websites that sell Clickbank products who knows all of clickbanks rules and can build the site to Clickbanks specific parameters and rules.
I already have one product I have picked and I have the domain name reserved, now all I need is for you to show me how to build the site from scratch, word for word, step by step, start to finish. I would prefer someone in the USA.
In other words, I am looking for someone who builds their own websites to sell Clickbank products as an Affiliate. Someone who is a superaffiliate and builds lots of them who has a streamlined system they can teach me that I can replicate easily.
If you are in Vegas, that is even better, than I would pay more for someone to show me how to build websites in person
Please message me privately with your contact information and rates. Thanks
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    I'd recommend buying a pre made site from flippa or digital point.

    That way all the work is done for you and all you need to do is promote the site.
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      I would suggest learning how to build them yourself, just take a look at the rules, and put something together. A lot cheaper than the alternative, plus you get full control of your product.
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    Just go for a wordpress type site if your coding knowledge is limited. Wack a template on it and use the wordpress system to add content and the plugins.

    There are a few tutorials out and about and there was a free ebook available a few days ago by a fellow warrior.

    Tom Brite
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      There are also tons of ways to automate wordpress, the best being WP O Matic. You can automatically post content from RSS feeds, might be a decent place to start.
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    I would also recommend WordPress - it is easy to get started with and you don't need a lot of HTML knowledge to update your site. Plus you have lots of great themes and plugins to choose from.

    We have an inventory of ready made WordPress niche sites promoting Clickbank products over at the Niche Power Group (see my sig). We also provide a step by step action plan that takes you from the research stage, through building your site and getting traffic + videos and a private online forum. We currently have a $4.95 2-week trial running.


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