Affiliate Program Service That Lets You Sell In Local Dollars?

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Which service allows you to integrate affiliate program into your site and allow you to sell the products in your own nation's $ currency? (For instance Malaysian dollars or UK pounds, instead of US dollars)

Paydotcom and Clickbank doesn't do that. Then again, I might be mistaken. Please advise.

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    eBay affiliate programs?

    This affiliate program allow you to list products on your site and put a cookie on the visitors site when they click on the products. They'll pay the way they want (depends on the seller).
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      I've adapted my affiliate software to accept payments in either of £UK, EUR and USD$. You as the owner of the program choose which currency you would like to use.
      It's more than likely I could adapt it for more currencies if there was sufficient deamand.

      Kindest regards,

      Janet Sawyer

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