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Ok guys,

I posted a few times on the "old" WF message board, and, I am back.

Here's the abridged version of what I have, and I welcome input.

I have created a 15 page E-product describing a method I invented of getting bad products and services taken care of, even after the store they were purchased from refused to help. With this method, I have gotten 2 out of warranty laptops replaced, a few cellular phone bills reviewed and fixes (outrageous charges, and customer service did very little,) and I even had someone near the level of getting his Ford Escort replace (he just didn't follow through, but, we did get a response.)

In this E-Product, I explain the reasoning why my product works, the methods of getting it to work, a step by step process, and I even include a blank example.

I have a few questions.

1. How can I get the word out about this product?
a. I thought of "googling" for angry customers, by using keywords like "indian customer service," "stupid company," "broken," "defective," and emailing the writers of blogs that talk about those issues.
2. What price should I charge for it? I have talked with a few, and I've heard $4.95-$28.77. I had thought of selling this as one product, and another document with the example (taking it out of the original,) or keeping them together, and writing 10 or so examples of my product, and selling that for an extra $7-$12.
3. Also, I have an offer to go along with my product. If anyone buys my product and is unable, for whatever reason, to do what I have suggested, I am am offering to do it myself, for $39 (at least, I think that's a fair price.) Also, and although there is no way taht I could legally enforce that, as I wont' do any contracts or anything, but, ask for 15% of whatever we negotiate on the "back end" of the deal. For instance, if someone is trying to get a $500 computer replaced or repaired, and my method works, I'd get $39 on the front end, and $75 on the back end. Basically, I'd be "selling my infomercial."

What do you guys think?

What should my next step be? Basically, my "core product" is written. Just need to see what to do next. Do I need to write more examples, and include them in this product, or another, seperate product?

Do I need to purchase a website name, or, can I/should I just put it on ClickBank? A friend is offering to host it on his website for me. He'll even give me a user name, or I can purchase one myself and just put it on there.


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    Bump, please.
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    Sounds like a good product for utilizing press releases
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    How do you mean?
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    I think press released would work good because your product has a lot of public appeal.

    If you are not sure how to do a press release visit PR web and look at some of the ones there. Use a service like PRweb to get the word out. There are other similar services as well.
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    Any chance you can do some direct sales offline so that you can get a better understanding of what people like and dislike about your product?
    (as well as see what price point is worthwhile)

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