Can Affiliate Marketing and Craigslist go together?

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I need some clarification. I know you can make some quick money on craigslist selling household items, my mom does it. But one time when I tried to advertise an affiliate program on there, the ad is banned in less than 10 minutes.

So what I am asking is, can Affiliate Marketing and Craigslist work together in a profitable way? Or is it just not a good idea?

Because I need to make quick, immediate money, from immediate traffic, in order to support my further agendas on down the road.

Right now I am broke. I need money fast at no monetary cost.

Is there any way I can use Craigslist to make money fast, PERIOD? If there is, please PM me, no strings attached, because I won't be paying you anything for this information, you'd only be wasting your time, I'm broke.
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    Hi, through Craig's list you can sell your product online to many cities you want to. If you have a product make use of it by creating a blog and redirect it to your product page, this helps to sell your product ininternet marketing.
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      I am sorry to hear your financial situation but please don't just go to Craigslist and post your affiliate product, trying to make money.

      Can't you see that as spamming?

      It's really time wasting for people needing to find the right information.

      If I come across another one of those ads, I'll flag it immediately. They all have the same look as soon as you click on them.
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    It has become increasingly difficult to post on Craigslist without getting your IPs banned or your ads "ghosted". It can be done, but it takes a lot of persistence in figuring out the ways around all the obstacles they throw up in your path.

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