Looking for a simple solution other then using Matts formmail with HostGator for an order form

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Hi all,

I've been reading and spending money on this great forum for awhile but figured it's time to start sharing and asking a few questions too.

I'm hoping for a quick simple solution to the following problem as I'm lacking on the technical side of things.

Currently I'm using Matts formmail on a shared SSL certificate for the order form to sell a single hard goods product.

Unfortunately the host where the form actually works doesn't offer unlimited domain names so I recently switched to HostGator. Guess I should have checked first because HostGator support seems to be telling me that they don't support Matts formmail and formmail in general. Their suggestion is to use OS Commerce which unfortunately is too detailed for my needs.

I just need a one page solution. All payments are by credit cards which are processed online using our own banking software so the order form required details are fairly basic like most standard online payment forms.

Would any warriors who are familiar with Matts formmail and scripts in general know of any simple solutions that would work with HostGator. I would greatly appreciate any ideas and possible solutions.

Thanks for your help

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    Hi Dave,

    I'm not sure if this will suit, but DLGuard (DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links) has an "Other Merchant" option that will basically display a form that allows your customer to add their name and email address, and they'll be transfered to a secure download area.

    They will also be added to your GetResponse list automatically.

    Naturally you'd need to take care of the credit card payments yourself, and just have DLGuard take over AFTER the sale has been made.

    Is that the kind of thing you had in mind, or did I misread your post?

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      In my cPanel and I would assume hostgator's in the fantastico installs there is one called phpForm I'm working on a site right now and here is a working version of how I use it. www.samedaywords.com/contact/use/contact/form1.html

      Are you looking for something like that. If HG doesn't allow it you can set one up with another host and just use it for the form. By the way I'm just playing around with the form to learn it. You can have as many Q and A with text box, text field, radio button, check, drop down box, etc. up to 99 fields.

      George Wright
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    Matt's formmail is a great old script - but very buggy and a spam gateway.

    You can use a plugin replacement - nmsformmail - it's considered quite secure, and I don't believe hostgator will have a problem with it (I used it one of my HG sites until recently)

    nms - web programs written by experts

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