Safe to add higher limit CC to my paypal account?

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Up until now, I've been using a lower limit mastercard attached to my paypal account. I'm going to be making a larger purchase in the next little while, so I'd like to add my higher limit rewards visa card to the account. Any reason I shouldnt do it, or is it totally safe? Thanks.

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    I think its safe... that is what I think... I have usedmy biggest cards to transacxt with twitter.,...

    IMO there is nothing unsafe about that... I have used cards of limits like 5000 dollars as I have said... wonder what others have to say.
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    I have used Paypal for years and never had a problem. It is perfectly safe and they have insurance now against fraud etc. What is not safe is to give your CC no. over the Internet unless you have an account strictly for that purpose and keep limited funds in it. Recently I had my main account wiped out by a thief in USA (I am in Australia) who got my card no. from somewhere where I had used it, possibly a shop.

    A recent terrorist on trial related how he bought card nos from taxi drivers for so much per no. This is how they were funding their activities. Security is about using common sense but you won't have any trouble with Paypal. Its safe.
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      Thanks. Figured it was safe, but just wanted to check before I added a high-limit card.


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