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So, over the last couple of weeks I've started building a list using a squeeze page I put together that uses the incentive of a free report.

I chose Aweber as the company to use as they are well known to be one of the best.

Today I receive an email from someone who signed up to my list with a specific throw-away email address they registered ONLY for the reason of downloading the report.

It turns out that after not disclosing their email address to anyone else, that they have received spam on that email address.

I thought it must have been an issue with the company they registered their email with (yahoo) but after a quick search, I found the following article on the Spamcop forum:

How do I sue an identifiable Texan spammer illegally using traceable email addresses? - SpamCop Discussion

It turns out that the email the person on my list received traces back to the SAME domain mentioned in the Spam cop forum post from much earlier this year!!!!

Anyone else had anything like this going on?

I'm now facing court proceedings (damages for £750) over a breach of the data protection act (which *I* haven't committed) and it sounds like Aweber may have some security issues that need to be sorted out QUICK!!!
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    It is possible to receive spam to a brand new email address which hasn't been used anywhere...

    Some spammers use random generators and blast out to millions of addresses using random @ something . com

    Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about that.

    First thing to do is speak to Aweber, it is most likely not a problem at their end, but it's best to inform them of your issue and ask their advice.

    Secondly, where are you based? And which country is the complainant in? Presumably they are in the UK as you mention the DPA.

    Third, have you been approached by a lawyer? Or are you assuming that you are in breach of the DPA? Have you been told that you face damages, or have you read it on the forum?

    I would speak to a lawyer if I were you, just to find out what proof you need to come up with to show it wasn't you who breached DPA.

    Kindest regards,
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      By the way...

      have you read the replies to the thread you linked to?

      It seems the complainant in that particular case was talked out of pursuing on the forum itself.
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      Hi Karl,

      I'm aware that it's possible to receive spam at a new email address but the coincidence to the Spamcop forum post it too much.

      It's not just another person receiving email to a new address - it's another address only used within an aweber list, receiving spam from the SAME person.

      I'm going to speak to Aweber but wanted to see if anyone on here had prior similar experiences.

      As for where I'm based, I'm currently living in Bali but my aweber account is registered to my home address in the UK.

      I've not been served any papers by a lawyer but I've been given notice by the claimant that smalls claims proceedings will be started in due course.

      I'm pretty sure there are a million ways to prove I'm not guilty of this but I'm just concerned if this is happening and we're all trusting Aweber with other people's personal data!

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