Buy me a beer - where is that now?

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Please excuse is this is elsewhere. Not finding it in Search mode

How do you send beer funds and how do you set it up on your Warrior ID now please?

Gracias, amigos
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    Hi Diana,

    Mike Lantz has added the service to warriorplus, as it's not a feature of this forum. I think you can just add the link to your thread/sig once you've generated it at WP and when people click it they are taken to PP.

    You can also attach the url to an image if you want to use a button.

    Kindest regards,
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      Hi Karl,

      Thanks for the info, but I tried that link:


      ...even for some WSOs that say, "Buy me a beer!" using their ID, of course, instead of mine, and this doesn't work. Sounds like you have to watch videos on how to set this up elsewhere first: - just ran across this link.

      No time now, so later, gator.

      I was hoping it was in this forum's script somewhere and we just click a button...

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