Amazing way to market your website offline...?

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Here's an amazingly powerful way of using the law of reciprocity in the offline world that you can adapt to create 1 person or an army of people offline marketing your website and making money while they do it:

1. A gentleman approached my table and handed me a card.

On the card was a message something like "The person who gave you this card is deaf. This card has instructions for some of the must used sign language. We suggest you give any donation in exchange for the card. Suggested donation $2."

2. The gentleman who gave me the card waited till I read the card and looked up at him and he repeated the line on the card "any donation" politely.

His enunciation was poor suggesting that he could indeed be deaf (a cynical person might have suggested he was faking it).

3. I gave him $2!

4. He said "thank you" and signed it. I notice the first sign on the card was "thank you" so I knew what he was signing to me.

Now this is an amazing marketing strategy that I'm sure could be adapted.

Here are the strengths:

# You can walk into any business like a restaurant, hand the card over and then ask if they mind you giving out the cards to their diners. They will find it very hard to say no to a deaf person but the same method would work if you were collecting for a charity, children or any cause perceived as worthy or selfless.

# The cost of the cards is minimal. Postcard size...say 5 cents or less to print one.

Even if you're getting just 25-50 cents a card you'll make a good profit.

But I would expect most people will hand over the suggested donation.

# The card can lead to a website that has some kind of lead capture and upsell.

This is the real power of the marketing method in my opinion.

If you create a system like this that works you can teach it to someone, have them do it and keep the money they collect.

You get the leads to your, high quality lead generation.

# If you give something of value (like the card teaching sign language) you're also performing a valuable service to the people who get it.

Neat idea all round harnessing the power of reciprocity.

Think of how you can create an information card in your niche that has value then start handing it out yourself or get cute kids to make money handing it out, get someone who wants to make extra cash handing it out etc.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh
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    This reminds me of the world no. 1 salesman who sells car. (I forgotten his name)

    I went to his seminar and he said one of the way he spread his name card is going to some sport events and throw out the cards when a team scored.
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      His name was Joe Girard and I hadn't heard that story before...very funny.

      Joe was the 9 Year Old Shoe-Shine-Boy From Detroit Who
      Sold More Cars Than Any Other Man ALIVE"

      He was listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for selling more cars than any other man in history.

      Joe Girard's amazing sales record of 13,001 car sales in 15 years was audited by Deloitte and Touche - one of the largest accounting firms in the world - and EVERY car sale was at retail...

      There were no fleet, wholesale or used cars in those figures.

      Joe Girard grew up in one of the roughest ghettos of Detroit and worked as a shoe-shine boy where he discovered one of the greatest sales secrets.

      He learned that if you talk to more prospects and clients you'll get more sales.

      Joe was smart and a hard worker - almost to the point of fanaticism.

      But he wasn't always lucky and after a real estate business deal went bad one horrible day changed the course of his life forever.

      For months he'd been out of work and one day his wife told him they had no food left in the house and his children were begging for something to eat.

      So he talked a car dealer into letting him sell cars by promising to take a desk in a back room and make all his sales from cold telephone calls.

      He sold a car the next day and borrowed ten bucks off his boss to buy groceries for his family.

      “Before long
      he was selling more than enough cars
      to make a living almost entirely
      through cold calls...”

      But there's a limit to the hours you have in a day and making cold calls and trying to talk people into buying a car this way is excruciating, emotionally draining hard work.

      Then Joe stumbled on one of the best kept secrets of selling cars.

      He realized that the people who came and looked at cars and talked to him about buying a car often didn't buy straight away.

      Often they didn't buy at all.

      Sometimes they bought a car off another dealer.

      Often one of their friends or their family would buy a car too.

      Joe realized if he stayed in constant contact with everyone who walked onto his lot they'd come to him first when they were thinking of buying a car.

      “And the more people
      he stayed in contact with the more people
      would seek him out...”

      So Joe began sending greeting cards to every one of his clients.

      If they bought a car from him they got a greeting card every month.

      Then he started sending those greeting cards to every prospect who walked into his car yard.

      Then everyone who called.

      By the time he retired from selling cars Joe Girard was sending out an astonishing 13,000 greeting cards every month.

      And every one of those months he'd average 72 car sales at retail...

      Imagine the commission you'd pocket if you were selling 72 cars every month.

      Now here's Joe Girard's biggest secret to selling cars...

      “You Don't Need To Be
      A Great Salesman When You're
      Sending Out
      13,000 Greeting Cards Every Month!”

      Think about it.

      A certain percentage of people who walk on to your car lot or your showroom floor are going to buy anyway - almost despite the salesman in some cases.

      Joe Girard's greatest secret was not that he was a great salesman.

      His greatest secret was having an automated system where he sent out 430 personalized greeting cards each and every day...

      And out of those 430 some came in to buy a car.

      Or they sent their friends and family.

      Enough so that he sold nearly NINE HUNDRED cars a year or an average of around 3 cars every working DAY.

      The method is different but the principle is the same.

      If you devise a method where you are constantly contacting your best prospects in a way that draws them to you you're going to do a lot of business.

      In this case you may be able to get people to make money handing out a card with valuable information that leads to more valuable information on your website.

      That's powerful and I'm sure the idea of it would make that old shoe shine boy from detroit smile with avaricious glee.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh

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