Help me what should I do to her?

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Dear warrior I don't know what's wrong with this women? what should I do? I get a client and so wired! I design it for her and then after I don't know why she ask me for the refund. and I offer her a revision. but she didn't want and she tell this one

They are awful! there are many things wrong-- no bright colors like your website examples! too many errors. All good business people give refunds whether they offer it or not! I've been in business for 30 years. please refund my money-- just go to paypal and click the refund on my 2 transactions. I am a nice person also but if I don't get my refunds then I will go to the warrior forum and complain and show them your work. I am trying to be nice but the covers are bad! Even with the few specs I gave you --the title is separated in different sizes, its purple not blue etc., the neti pot and fruit etc. and dullness of it etc...etc... And you apparently don;t have the bright colors you show. Please refund my money now. Thank you

what should I do?
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    Just refund her and move on.

    And if you ever see her bashing you here, report it and she will probably be n/a'd for violating rule #1.

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      yep, thank you for your advice. just move on. don't have to think about it. that's only little obstacle. thank you Allan.
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    Hi Semmy,

    also, tell her that once you refund her, the copyright of the images reverts back to you and that you have the right to resell the design to compensate you for your time.

    Can you send me a PM with a link to see the design, I'd like to give you my own opinion - I might even buy the design off you.

    Kindest regards,

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