What does "Black Hat" mean to you??

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It doesn't seem like a week goes by where someone is talking about "black hat" in a negative context. I do use black hat techniques in my marketing and getting ranked so I know what the connotation means, at least for me.

But I was curious......

What do warriors think of when someone uses the term "blackhat"? What images come to mind? What does the word mean to you and how would you define it?

I know most of the warriors may consider themselves squeaky clean and beyond reproach. I was just curious what other warriors think...if it is more of a caricature (like a thief hiding in the shadows or some pimply faced kid that automates tens of thousands of backlinks inbetween world of warcraft). Are you pigeonholing this segment of the internet?
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    Black Hat mostly relates to the techniques which are not supported by search engines but can help you temporarily manipulate rankings on google/yahoo. Once the controversial techniques are detected by search engines they will label it as "Black Hat".

    If you are serious about the search engine optimization then make sure that you do not use any controversial or Black Hat techniques listed at :
    Avoid these SEO Techniques SEO HAWK
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      The VERY ACT of SEO is agianst google's webmaster guidelines. There really is no such thing as white hat SEO.

      Based on past posts, I know some folks are probably going to gang up on Simon for being 'black hat', so I wanted to point this out.

      That being said, the topic was "What does "Black Hat" mean to you??".. I will venture that most people will draw the line so that their actions are on the 'right side' of the line - it's just human nature.
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    Black hat----------->subversion.

    To me black hat represents manipulation, duplicate or keyword stuffed content, stealing content, degrading competitors websites by unethical means and creating blackhole websites.

    aka "Make money by riding on other's back minus the hard work"
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    Its at least good to know black hat methods, so you can protect yourself if need be...

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