How can I sell my own ebook

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greeting...i'm a newby in internet marketing and i have wrote several books about making money from Home. But the bad thing is, i dont know how to reach customers. Because until now my book still not reach the target sale. Is it no chance for newbies to sell their own ebook?even with very low price. Some one please help me
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    I use Clickbank and Paypal.
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    I am in the same vote, trying to put the pieces together. Hopefully you will get some help, that will also help me. Thanks Ken
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    If you're not sure why people are recommending Clickbank then it's because Clickbank has it's own affiliate system in place - this means you can get other people to promote your products, and they get a commission.

    It's a GREAT way to make sales - get other people to do it.

    Then you can learn promotional techniques yourself while the sales are still coming in.

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    Definitely use Clickbank getting started.

    Also, you might want to find/pay a native speaker of English to edit your sales copy in order to reach your target market in the most effective way possible.

    Your English is definitely easily understood, but it could turn some sales away if you have grammar errors in your sales copy.
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    you need traffic, a squeeze page, a sales pages, an email list, and maybe some affiliates - it's alot of work... but don't give up.

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