How Much should I pay someone to post to Facebook and Twitter for me??

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I am doing some social network marketing for a music festival, and I need to get someone to post tweets and Facebook status updates regularly on our accounts.

Based on some other threads I was reading, I was thinking of trying Mechanical Turks.

Does any one have any experience with this sort of outsourcing? Do the tasks get done in MT? Or would you recommend another outsourcing resource?

If I end up hiring one person, how much should I offer to pay them to make these posts? (they will most likely be pre-written), and should I pay per post?

Thanks very much for any advice on this matter :-)
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    I would say that if it is only going to be for posting it should be a per post price. I pay someone that adds friends for me, posts, sends messages and I pay per hour. If you would like their information send me a PM.
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    I wouldn't pay too much. Maybe $0.05-$0.10 per posting. I think depending on the type your have you could set up your cell phone to text in updates via SMS text messaging. Unless you're doing a ton of updates per day I wouldn't pay for this service, as its really simple to write a sentence or two yourself.
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    Hm, i had not thought of using my cell...Good idea.

    Though, I guess having this person add friends and followers as well would be a good thing.

    Thanks for the advice!

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