By popular demand - Beginners guide to making money in the adult industry

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Christopher J. was right.. i apologize.
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    I forgot, i also add all the rss feeds from my free-hosted blogs to my own, self-hosted blog. This blog serves as my hub-page (for your hub, choose a pretty generic domain name). This "main-site" i promote via linktrades and bought feeder-traffic.
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      Wow, this is the first Adult niche advice I have seen in the warrior forum. Some people prefer the prefer the "Crocheting and knitting" niche but I like to keep all knowledge flowing. Thank you
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    y'know my first thread here (on this cool forum) was about a friend of mine, he didn't want to get involved into the adult industry, yada-yada, i got a lot of pm's from warriors asking me how to get started in the adult biz, so, well.. i thought why not dedicate a whole new thread to this subject.
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    i don't offer anything, i'm just describing how i make a buck or two.
    ahmm, if this is against the rules or something, i really wouldn't have a problem with me getting banned.
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      Yes Boom ... just getting the Tar `n Feathers ready mate ... why?




      You do NOT need to login to view this thread so
      a child of fricken twelve or less could see this!!

      Need I continue?

      Wake up boom and stop stirring shit or you`ll be going for knickname #3
      for sure ... keep your Adult stuff on your Adult sites please mate. (18+
      ONLY in other words)

      I`m no wowser ... I`M A DAD!

      Christopher J.
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    Just like any other IM business, you got to do what you need to do to keep the wheels rolling. Very interesting post. You could rewrite the whole post and put in one of several other niches and it would be a solid business model.

    I have to agree and disagree with you about not posting this. I'm a dad too, and the only way I can keep my kids from porn is to be in the room with them where I can see the screen any time I glance over. Neither of them are interested in the Warrior forum though. It will be interesting to see what the community does, we're self moderated now, this post could be gone before I hit "post."
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      Simon ... you turn white to black and call it rosy pink
      .. your opinion?? YOUR SITTING ON IT!

      Christopher J.
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    Let's just get away from that adult this'n'that - i realize i shouldn't have posted links or written urls to 18+ material. I just didn't think about it. I didn't think about the possible consequences. And as i said before - i apologize. IMHO, the most important thing is:
    How can *I* contribute something useful to the board. I will meditate about that.. and i promise, i won't make a mistake again.
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      There are many ways to make money online-thats a fact.
      some are more controversial then others.

      For anyone to think that noone here wants to learn to make money with different methods other then those that deal in the "make money online niche" "affilliate marketing" or any of the "G-rated" opportunities presented in this forum, is one of the most preposterous things I may have heard.

      Yes this is predominately a clean forum, that does not mean that the only way to make money is through morally accepted methods (Sex sells always has and always will) it would be interesting to actually know how many here make money in that niche as an affilliate. I can bet that there are quite a few.

      The OP presented material that he thought would be helpful to others that wanted to get started in the adult industry.

      If you don't like the movie, you can always leave.

      I have the original post in a text file if anyone would like it, by the way.
      PM me.

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    When I first opened the thread, I thought I was missing something - it was just empty - but I do agree with Christopher W. - this is a site that is accesible to minors and although like someone said its not that hard for minors to access sites that are 18+ - its about keeping the integrity of this site intact and that this forum remain safe.....

    I have never been into the Adult Niche- but interested in what you have to say, perhaps you can create a blog about it and let us read it there.
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      Bummer, I work for a couple hours and don't log on WF, and I miss all the good stuff.

      It's not that I'm interested in the adult niche, but those in the adult industry always seem one or two steps ahead of everybody else marketing-wise, so there's always something that those of us with PG or G-rated sites might be able to learn!
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    Parents who make every attempt to shelter their kids from all of the possible calamities and dangers in the world always end up failing.

    The internet is a great source of knowledge pertaining to both good and bad things.

    Instead of jumping on the OP for sharing his creative ideas, why don't those people who did just that take a step back and focus on what really matters.

    How about we focus on teaching children (and even adults) how to deal with the bad/naughty information they will surely find, instead of attempting to avoid finding it in the first place.

    There are just too many malevolent sources of information in our world today, and it scares me to think that people regard pornography as one of the pressing "threats".

    Is this a byproduct of repressed sexual thinking in North America perhaps?
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    Originally Posted by ChrisByrns View Post

    Christopher J. was right.. i apologize.

    Chris, can you send me your post in PM? I would be interested in reading it or put it into PDF format and send to me.

    The majority of what we use today in marketing our products and services online came from either the porn industry or spammers, INCLUDING the WarriorForum. WF started out as a Spammer Membership where Allen and others in that original group taught each other how to make money using the blackest of hat techniques. Though then it wasn't black hat it was just the way you did thngs.

    I personally find information on HOW Adult Industry go about marketing their stuff very useful because it is something I can take and use immediately applied to my products and services and those of my clients.

    I personally would really like to read all that anyone in the know in the Adult Industry can share on how they go about targeting and marketing their stuff online.

    If there was active links or images in the post those should be removed but I don't see why the content couldn't be reposted. This is a Marketing forum where we teach each other about business online and how to make money.

    The audience here has to be taken into consideration but Adult Marketing, the MARKETING aspect that is something I and most people here would be interested in knowing about.

    Chris if you have a list that you share this information please post a link or send to me in PM. SEO and Traffic Generation methods used in the Adult Industry is something I find very interesting also any info you can share on Tracking that is done that would be great too.

    I have no interest in going into the Adult Industry but I wouldn't mind using their techniques in my own marketing.

    - Terry

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