New wave in marketing: Email Keyword Marketing?

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So i came across this ebay ad a little while ago, and while at first it seems like a bait and switch (which it is), it does pose an interesting question: is there any benefit from our marketing side to focusing on email name keywords?

New Lg Dare (Verizon Wireless) 1 Day Only!!! Email ACCT - eBay (item 110277946030 end time Aug-08-08 17:34:52 PDT)
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    OMG - people have already bid up to $222 !!

    People actually DO NOT READ?!?!

    I once saw an auction for a lap top - the winner got to BUY a lap top FOR the guy who posted the aution! and people bid!
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      Can't say I'm surprised people don't notice this is for an email address, not the phone.

      As for the email name keywords, do you mean using targeted keywords in your email address? Not sure where the benefit for that comes except for auctions like this and _maybe_ helping the QS of your sales page..

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