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Hey everybody,

After months in IM and making excuses, I finally took the plunge and decided to write my own ebook. It took me a couple of days but I think it came out ok.

Then I used XsitePro to create a sales page. I used XSitePro's Insert advertising and put a PayPal button, so the payment gets directed straight to my PayPal account. I also set up a success page and a failure page.

So, I have my sales page, ebook, and how to get paid all setup. Then it dawned on me how in the world do my customers actually get the ebook?

Obviously, I'd like PayPal to automatically send the download to the buyer. I just don't have any idea how to do it?

It's always so daunting when you try something new to you in Internet Marketing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jamie Iaconis

    Create a thank you page!

    When the customer gets directed there, have
    a download link on it pointing to your ebook!
    (Your ebook will be on your server somewhere)

    • Profile picture of the author Scot Standke
      Hey Jonathan,

      Use your "success page" and edit it so your buyers can click a
      link right from that page immediately after paying and get the

  • Profile picture of the author Jonathan Ferraro
    Thanks Guys. It was actually A LOT easier than I thought it would be.

    Thanks again
    • Profile picture of the author Janet Sawyer

      Make sure that the download page you choose isn't called anything like download, success, thanks etc.
      Otherwise, people will be able to steal it from you without having to pay you for it.

      Additionally, if you don't have the right safeguards in place, Altavista and Google will eventually index your download page and link and make "it" available for free.

      Hope that helps,

  • Profile picture of the author Jeffrey Louis
    Make sure you use that meta tag above...
    • Profile picture of the author Kerry Finch
      I have a question I'd like to add here.
      Is it more secure to use a service like Payloadz rather than having a download from your website? Seems most Warriors use the website option, but am curious as to why. Is it a pricing choice, control, or something I'm missing.

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