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I've seen loads of threads recently for people who want an Internet Marketing project. This will be a *lot* easier if you have some money to throw at it but I've thrown in some advice if you want to try to do it on the cheap.

It came to me in the shower this morning. I doubt I'll bother doing it so figured someone here might want to bank from it.

Register a load of celebrity domain names in the same format. Eg, etc etc About 100 should do it to start with.

Setup a blog on all of them and go on a massive content hunt. Find photos, videos, news articles. Anything you can to seed the content.

Stay on top of it. You want to have every bit of juicy gossip within hours of anyone else.

Do some decent inter-blog linking for maximum SEO boosting and you'll soon see a bunch of long tail traffic (you are writing your own content not just copy/pasting other people's right?)

Stuff like this is massive link bait. You'll get absolutely *tons* of backlinks from people talking about it and you'll also get people commenting on your blog posts like you wouldn't believe. Go Google celebrity gossip and check those sites out if you don't believe me.

Next setup a main aggregator site. Feed all your RSS feeds into it. Add event news, stuff like that. Run a gossip forum. Link from all of your blogs to this site and you pretty much can't fail to rank for masses of celebrity searches.

Even if all you do to monetize this is throw up some adsense and get shockingly poor CTRs this'll still do pretty well.

If you can't afford to splash $1,000 on domains for this then get a fairly generic domain for the aggregator and setup a celebrity name subdomain for each star. It won't SEO quite as well but it should still do pretty well if you keep the content flowing.

SEO/Traffic tips -

Don't forget to submit links to your blogs *everywhere* you can.

For B/C list celebs you'll probably be able to score links on their wikipedia page if you site/content is good enough (I've seen several examples of this).

Usual blog and ping stuff.

Enjoy! If you do try this project drop me a PM and let me know how it works out.
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    Don't the trashy celeb and gossip industry get enough attention?

    How does it help the world or any one person to have more info out there on what they are doing (or what people think they are doing)?

    That being said... if this is something someone wants to do, the person's name should be at the front of the domain, if you ask me. or whatever

    Sub domains would be a better option financially to start and you could expand out from there.


    PS Not referring to the celebs already mentioned as trashy, necessarily.
    • Profile picture of the author clawHAMMER
      Who has the time to even stay on top of all the celebrity bs much less design a truckload of blogs and maintain them? I mean, you'd need a staff of personale just to keep up with the barrage of nonsense for 50-100 blogs as fast as those headline-hungry massive ego tripping celebrity's have their publicists keeping them in the news so frequently.

      No thank you. I'd rather make 100 blogs on different frogs instead.
    • Profile picture of the author Andy Fletcher
      Sorry, I'm a bit confused here. You guys seem to be saying, "There's too much news being created for this everyday and too much public interest" isn't that what you want for your site?

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