Okay...I'm running out of ideas...

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Lately, my focus for MARKETING has pretty much been:

- Using articles & sending to DIFFERENT directories (Spinning 1 original article & sending spun article to different directories like ezinearticles, goarticles, squidoo, etc)

- Sending SAME video from article using tubemogul.com to get video marketing

- Sending slides of powerpoints (from video) to flickr.com and slideshare.com


I am running out of ideas...it seems like THERE MUST BE SOMETHING MORE to get MORE TRAFFIC to my site...I have a blog...I dont participate in blog comments (which I should)...

Any other BIG WAY to get traffic consistently/...???

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    focus on getting to the front page of google organically.
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    give me some tactics to get there...i am pretty new to this whole IM...and i need some SOLID ideas...thanks
  • Profile picture of the author Joseph Then
    How long have you been doing it? It's it just one week, you have to be patient. Just keep doing what you are doing now for at least a month.
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      Blog and Forum commenting with links in sig.
      And article submission to Ezine Articles.
      Thats a real good start to get you to google 1st page in a few months !!
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    How many articles have you written for each of your websites?

    Also, I took a look at your squeeze pages and wonder why you have adsense on them.

    How about purchasing a list from a list broker? Search here for a few brokers http://lists.nextmark.com

    Have you Social Marked after every time you've posted? http://www.socialmarker.com

    Mike Hill
    • Profile picture of the author Monetize
      Diversify. Lotto + Sweepstakes + Contests. All of these
      have huge followings. Develop individual sites, products,
      tutorials, etc. And as Jan Roos says, work on linking all
      of these together. You do this by building free and paid
      blogs, posting to related forums, twitter, and all of that.

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