Need some opinions on a future project of mine. Video advertising related

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So what is this all about...i was thinking for the last couple of days on how video advertising had grown...but all i see on the internet is a long video with just one guy in front of a camera speeking for 8 minutes and i asked a few ppl how they thought about those type of videos...and to my surprise most of them told me that they just "scan" the video.....they watch the first 1-2 minutes then jump to 4 then to 6 and finally close the video.

I was thinking what if you can send a good amount of information trough a 40 secs 1 min video...done something like a tv commercial...not exactly like those pro commercials and could be only text and some voice...or just some seconds where you speak.

Since i have a lot of background in acting on stage and and short-line movies, and also i directed some plays and 2 short movies and also a lot of experience in video editing... i was thinking of making a product... something simple to understand with tips and some tutorials on how to create and promote a video like this.

I am asking this here since if i get a good response from you guys i will post it as a wso first, and then make it official. And start to research keywords and etc....

so, anyone interested in promoting their products/business/service like this? would you buy such a product? with the condition that it delivers good quality info on a low price?
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    Just do it and then let everyone here at TWF know about it. Or you could just make a beta version and let some test it out. You can then get some of their feedback, use these as testimonials and then market it as a WSO to get the bugs out for the "General Internet Population."
    just my Rambling thoughts.
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    Well I'm a big supporter of SEO Video Marketing...
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    I would have some interest, but more interest in hiring someone to do the whole video for me

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