Can any one suggest good self development PLR?

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Looking to get my hands on a good PLR package of self develpoment articles - can anyone suggest where?
I have checked the WSO, but unless Ive missed something????? nothing!
Must be PLR and ONLY about self develpoment!
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    This is exactly what you need:
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      Thanks Ed for the honorable mention.

      Hi Kym,

      It's Ronnie from The link Ed sent was from my first WSO that just launched today.

      I cover personal development, self-help, motivation, success, healthy living, and inspirational topics in my PLR club.

      And it's not just TXT files, but RTF and professional designed PDFs too... plus inspirational desktop wallpaper PLR and PDF worksheets/checklists and reports.

      I hope you check out my offer and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!



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      This is exactly what you need:
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    I bought from this site (well, actually through her WSO from awhile ago). Excellent, high quality PLR on self-improvement:

    Personal Development PLR

    I haven't bought this particular package, but I have bought from AllHealthContent(dot)com and find it to be excellent quality, as well. So, I would expect the following package to be up to their standard:

    Self-Improvement Private Label Article (PLR) Bundle

    Tiffiany provides excellent quality PLR; I'm just not sure if she has any self-improvement PLR:

    PLR Articles: By Tiffany Dow

    Edited to add: just had a quick look at Tiff's site. Under Health & Beauty, there's self-esteem, procrastination. Have a look around her list, you'll probably find more! :-)

    Hope this helps!

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    Thankyou very much for your prompt replies guys and girls!
    I have just purchased the WSO and the PLR bundles - thats great - just what I needed, thanks again!

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